Mar 18, 2015Public
Photo: Sandy Taylor & Bob Kilpatrick
Photo: President-Elect Georges Maamari & President Steve Moons
Photo: Thomas Burke & Brenda Cleary
Photo: Greeter Michael Swayne
Photo: the vivacious Christine Kemp flanked by Mike Swayne
Photo: Paul Brisson & Pierre Richer of Dilfo
Photo: Simon Davies of MK Plastics entertaining Christine Kemp with Adam Moons
Photo: the lovely Adrianne Mitani - Student Committee Chair
Photo: Cathy Godin
Photo: Patrick Albert
Photo: Subash Vohra & Robin Craig of National Research Council Canada
Photo: President Steve Moons getting the ball rolling
Photo: Secretary Adam Graham announced the evening guests
Photo: Abbey Saunders & Adam Moons
Photo: Bob Kilpatrick spoke about Nominations for the next ASHRAE Year
Photo: Georges Maamari spoke about Research Promotion
Photo: William O'Brien of Carleton University spoke about ongoing and current research
Photo: perpetual motion device to keep the lights ON in the workplace
Photo: Simon Davies of MK Plastics spoke briefly about their tabletop display