Apr 21, 2011Public
Photo: Joel Primeau's tech session on Chilled Water Systems was attended by about 20 people
Photo: Joel Primeau talking compressors
Photo: Glenn MacLean, Richard Albert, Cathy Godin, flanked by Robert Riddell
Photo: Ed Cassidy and Steve Moons manned a spledid Total HVAC tabletop display
Photo: Elizabeth Liddy, Sarah Seelay, Peter Nabi
Photo: Darryl Boyce and Kent Peterson
Photo: David Eastwood, Christine Kemp, Robert Riddell
Photo: Chris Fudge, Peter Paciorek, ?
Photo: Chris Healey, Stephen Lynch, Andrew Douma, Peter Shaw-Wood
Photo: Mike Swayne and Bill McKinnon
Photo: Trudy Lucas
Photo: President Christine Kemp introduced the Board of Governors and the Executive
Photo: David Mills spoke about Joel Primeau’s tech session.  The subject this month was Chilled Water Systems
Photo: TEGA Chair Georges Maamari announced achievements at the Chapter Level: 
1st Place Residential – Andrew Macdonald – NORR – for the redevelopment of Beaver Barracks on 424 Metcalfe.
1st Place Existing Commercial – Kashyap Desai – Stantec – Yardmen Arena Chiller Plant Upgrade in Belleville.
Photo: Governor Steve Moons spoke about the Total HVAC tabletop display
Photo: Eveneing Program
Photo: President Christine Kemp thanked Kent Peterson for his presentation and gave him a small gift