Jan 19, 2011Public
Photo: Tech Session: Past President Joel Primeau presented a back to basics session on HVAC Fundamentals which was attended by approximately 25 people
Photo: For some reason, Joel Primeau still looks good in this photo
Photo: Here Steve Moons sports a fabulous non-iron shirt from Costco while chatting with Joel
Photo: Christine "Okay you got me this time" Kemp
Photo: David Mills, Rebecca McHolm, Katherine Sidwall
Photo: Treasurer Donald Weekes
Photo: Secretary Roderic Potter
Photo: Matt Edmonds - on this day, his shirt was tucked in!
Photo: Jason De Sousa
Photo: President Christine Kemp
Photo: Regulvar Tabletop Display fronted by Stephan Riffault
Photo: Johan Martensson of Creotech [Engineered Air]
Photo: the Engineered Air tabletop display
Photo: Richard Albert, Joel Primeau, Doug Graham
Photo: Stewart Woermke and Christine Kemp
Photo: the lovely Rebekah Olson
Photo: likely lads at large
Photo: Matthew Laframboise (center)
Photo: the Fabulous Chris Healey
Photo: Christopher Tromp and Paul Pilotte
Photo: Robert Kilpatrick and Abbey Saunders - two of NRC's finest - at large
Photo: Past President and all-round swell gal Catherine Godin
Photo: Mike Swayne, Cathy Godin, Andrew Douma, Adam Beales