Sep 27, 2007Public
Photo: Diefenbunker: just a mound of earth on top
Photo: Diefenbunker: Cathy Godin feeling chilled next to the chillers
Photo: Diefenbunker: Joel Primeau warming up the chillers
Photo: Diefenbunker: Richard Albert and others
Photo: Diefenbunker: Group Shot
Photo: Diefenbunker: Group shot, time for a Timmy's!
Photo: Diefenbunker: at left we can see Carol Carscallen being directed to the nearest Timmy's...
Photo: Diefenbunker: In case of emergency, dive into this chute!
Photo: Hellenic: Lan Chi at the welcome desk
Photo: Hellenic: A pregnant Karen Peck trying not to laugh at Mike Swayne, Chris Frauley, and Gemma Kerr
Photo: Hellenic: behind the bushes action shot!
Photo: Hellenic: Gabriel Laszlo, Ray Young, Cliff Morrison
Photo: Hellenic: Stewart Woermke, ?, Dale Gaudet at the door, Simon Jol, Gabriel Laszlo
Photo: Hellenic: Darryl Boyce & John Dugan
Photo: Hellenic: Bob Kilpatrick, Pierre DeGagné, ?
Photo: Hellenic: Joel Primeau
Photo: Hellenic: Dalton McIntyre, Don McKeen, David Minshall, ?
Photo: Hellenic: Dale Gaudet, Cathy Godin
Photo: Hellenic: David Eastwood, Bill McKinnon, etc.