Mar 23, 2014Public
Photo: Rod Potter thanking guest speaker Andrew Moore for evening presentation
Photo: Anwar Syed
Photo: Guests from Engineered Air
Photo: Pierre Richer and Glenn MacLean
Photo: Eric Van Benschoten
Photo: Troy Roberge, Brian Tohana, Andrew (Carleton U Student), Chris Habets
Photo: Student, Adrianne Mitani, Brian, Warren, Cary McGee
Photo: Marc Parent, John Elliott
Photo: Adam Moons, Steve Lynch
Photo: Student, Georges Maamari, Richard Cameron, Steve Moons
Photo: Abbey Saunders, Georges Maamari, Student, Richard Cameron
Photo: Andrew Moore from Armstrong Fluid Technology (Guest Speaker), Rene Bueneman
Photo: Marc Parent, Rod Potter (ASHRAE Ottawa President)
Photo: Mike Swayne (Past President), Rod Potter (ASHRAE Ottawa President)
Photo: The Moons Brothers selling raffle tickets for ASHRAE Research
Photo: Abbey Saunders welcoming guests
Photo: Adam Moons welcoming new members
Photo: Rene Bueneman of Walmar discussing tabletop display
Photo: Andrew Moore discussing tabletop display
Photo: Adrianne Mitani discussing ASHRAE student fair which concluded before monthly meeting