Nov 13, 2009Public
Photo: Secretary Don Weekes and Treasurer Stephen Lynch at the welcome desk
Photo: President Jason Alexander opened the meeting and introduced the Executive and Board of Governors
Photo: Secretary Donald Weekes introduced the guests and students for the evening
Photo: Membership Chair Phil Lemieux welcomed all guests and new members
Photo: TEGA Chair Georges Maamari talked about ASHRAE Technology Awards
Photo: Past-President Patrick St-Onge discussed ASHRAE Research and congratulated Rob Lefebvre on raising $23,500 for the 2008-2009 season
Photo: A display of ASHRAE Research donors and active projects in our region
Photo: Regional Chair for Research, David Rasmussen, was on-hand to help with awards to donors for last year
Photo: Glenn MacLean received a special award for his fundraising efforts during the 2007-2008 season.  Robert Lefebvre also received an award (in absence) for his efforts during the 2008-2009 season.
Photo: Enbridge are a major donor having given $10,000 each year since 1996.  Here Mr. Paul Green of Enbridge makes a speech.
Photo: Paul Green of Enbridge accepts an award from ASHRAE for their generous donations over the years
Photo: The line-up of donors to ASHRAE Research was impressive!
Photo: Tabletop displays were on Chilled Beam products - here Dan Grant of Walmar talks about the Titus TCM range
Photo: Tabletop display - Chilled Beams
Photo: TWA Active Chilled Beams were presented by this fine gentleman from HTS
Photo: Tabletop display - Chilled Beams
Photo: Program for the night was “Chilled Beam Technology” as presented by Joel Hirsh of Titus