Sep 19, 2008Public
Photo: Richard Albert, Cathy Godin, Christine Kemp, Labatt's Blue.  What an ensemble!
Photo: All those awards look better when they flank a Keith's sign!
Photo: Patrick Albert, Georges Maamari, Stephen Lynch, with Craig Ogden signing in
Photo: Matt Edmonds followed by Greg Santyr making an entrance
Photo: Paul Baker holds court with Don Weekes and the Kerrs
Photo: Gabriel Laszlo followed by Robert Lefebvre and Gary Hartmann
Photo: The fabulous Phil Ratcliffe and Alex Zurawlev of Miriton
Photo: Here Greg Santyr thinks about doing something improper to Christine Kemp
Photo: Waiting for the wonderful Meatball Platter (yum)
Photo: The illustrious Patrick St-Onge, OVC President 2008-2009 at the podium
Photo: Here Cathy Godin and Paul Baker accept Chapter Service Awards (from August CRC in Montreal)