Apr 18, 2007Public
Photo: Group in 5th level penthouse, adjacent to air handlers serving BSL3 Facility and Vivarium (animal housing)
Photo: Typical heat recovery coil bank in exhaust air stream
Photo: Interstitial space over BSL3 facility - typical HEPA filter housings on supply and exhaust
Photo: Airvalves on supply and exhaust ducting
Photo: Typical view of branch connections to supply and exhaust trunk ducts
Photo: Interstitial space over Vivarium - typical HEPA filter airlfow control assemblies
Photo: Typical view inside BSL3 laboratory space - autoclave in background
Photo: HRH David Fanset next to the CED equipment in the basement below the BSL3 Labs
Photo: Typical cage racks in animal housing Vivarium with supply and exhaust airflow ducting at right on wall
Photo: Cage Wash area