Sep 28, 2007Public
Photo: Cynthia Gillis, Christine Kemp & Cathy Godin, at the registration desk
Photo: An overcast day did not spoil this lovely view from the 10th tee
Photo: The clubhouse before the game play
Photo: the famous Baron von Kilpatrick demonstrates his tactics
Photo: mine's a large pepperoni!
Photo: the gang start arriving
Photo: I'm with Dr. Evil!
Photo: check-in going well
Photo: “that thing under his kilt is about this big...”
Photo: Chris Healey and Cindy Egan swap their shorts
Photo: Stan Millross & Laura-Ann "Zena"
(I'm still perspiring) Vezeau
Photo: Geoffrey Lynch and Jason Alexander wondering why this guy doesn't have a beer
Photo: These two certainly have a beer!
Photo: Dale Gaudet & Bob Kilpatrick flanked by Jim Siciliano
Photo: Gary Hartmann chows down on a pre-game burger (yum)
Photo: Jamie Yee checks in
Photo: Paul Cousineau
Photo: Those fabulous Lemieux guys with Mark Gall following on
Photo: look at the camera and say “Twig & Berries”
Photo: These guys are idiots!
Photo: Stephen Lynch & Imtee Baksh
Photo: Direct Energy 1 saddles up
Photo: Herb Dean wolfs down a burger before the game
Photo: Now I am sure the map said turn left at Carleton Place...