Nov 17, 2010Public
Photo: Treasurers at large, Don Weekes and Stephen Lynch
Photo: Rod Potter and Don Weekes at the welcome desk
Photo: DuraSystems Table Top Display [Walmar]
Photo: Gerry Saieva of DuraSystems
Photo: Jim Mills, David Mills, Christine Kemp, Richard Albert
Photo: The Magnificent Steve Moons and Ed Cassidy
Photo: Bill McCartney, Steve Moons, Ed Cassidy
Photo: Jason Alexander, Steve Moons, Joel Primeau
Photo: Cathy Godin flanked by two of her fans
Photo: Jim Mills watching Richard Albert [deer in the headlights]
Photo: (clockwise from top) Christine Kemp, Adam Moons, Heineken, Caleb Cox, nameless beer.
Photo: Here Adam Moons and Steve Moons try their best not to look blurred
Photo: Paul Baker and Robert Kilpatrick
Photo: Patrick St-Onge and Joel Primeau
Photo: Mike Swayne and Greg Santyr
Photo: Jason Alexander, Joel Primeau, Christine Kemp
Photo: President Christine Kemp introduced the Board of Governors and the Executive
Photo: Secretary Rod Potter introduced the guests for the evening
Photo: Membership Chair Adam Moons announced the new members – William McKinnon, Chris Tromp, Elizabeth Liddy