Old QSL Cards - Handicapped Hams
Oct 20, 2008Public
Photo: 1935
Photo: W1SGL David Noble
Photo: K2ISN Andy Washy 1938 - 2001 of Gowanda, NY raised in Paulsboro, NJ. A blind ham who is missed by all who knew him.
Photo: KZ2G Meet Bob Mauro, Extra Class Ham, living on Long Island, he has not allowed polio to take away his desires in life.
Photo: WA2GXI Ray Boduch is a blind and deaf ham whose QST is Lackawanna, NY. He is an engineer and has received many awards including an achievement award from Canisius College.
Photo: 1931
Photo: W3DD
Photo: K5CBZ Billy White age 13 in 1961 suffered Bulbar Polio. He was a good student in Corpus Christi, TX. He used CW by means of a stick in his teeth and tapping the key.
Photo: Carol King Lynch K5CPZ 1962 current W6CL
Photo: W5DQQ Ickey Zrubeck in his wheelchair in 1955
Photo: WA5VTA Buddy Boyd 1929 - 1979 Spinal injury but was a net controller in Conroy TX.
Photo: 6AJH - 6ZH 16 year old Lester Picker 1905 - 1930 of San Ysidro, CA fell 55 feet from a tower in 1922. Paralyzed with a broken back from the fall. His customary sign off was “goodnite station 6ZH”.....
Photo: Frank O. Stewart W6KWT operates from the Lighthouse Radio Club for the Blind (WA6LMT) located at 1097 Howard Street in San Francisco, CA  in 1961
Photo: WA6TWX Dr. Kent Cullers - 1st totally blind physicist. PHD from Univ of C Berkeley in 1980
Photo: W7LCM in 1940s
Photo: K8ABP Elon Lamphier - now a SK PIC Taken in 1970
Photo: K8ABP Mr. Lamphier's gifted painting converted into a Christmas Card.
Photo: K8ABP used his mouth to paint wonderful ART
Photo: K8ZUK Mike Wiseman of Sidney, OH 1945 - 1997 Wheel Chair bound all his life. Emergency Services in Shelby County, OH now uses his call with sign Pride.
Photo: K9GHT Dale Engler Ward 9 N. VA Hospital in Wood, WI
Photo: W8BRS Walt Colpus 1890 - 1939 of Pontiac MI Co-Founder of the Chair Warmers. An inspiration to those who knew him. Photo Courtesy of Dorothy Dusenbury.