Old QSL Cards - ARRLs W1AW
Oct 20, 2008Public
Photo: 1923
Photo: 1934 ARRL Headquarters before W1AW signed by Hal Bubb
Photo: 1932 Jim from QST is confirming receipt of the new schedules to be posted in QST Magazine for Time Signals Transmissions from W9AXM Elgin Observatory in Elgin, IL. Frank of W9XAM is planning a visit the following week to ARRL.
Photo: 1932
Photo: In 1934 this post card was sent to South Carolina Hams asking for their support to elect a new Director for their Southeast Division. Notice he says they need reprentation in Hartford before Newington.
Photo: 1937 Early W1AW card signed by Hal Bubb
Photo: 1947
Photo: 1969
Photo: 1972
Photo: 1975
Photo: 1986
Photo: March 20, 1930
Photo: Ed Handy in 1937
Photo: 1938 ARRL Treasurer and another early Gildersleeve QSL Card
Photo: Hal Bubb QSO from ARRL Headquarters
Photo: Past President of ARRL
Photo: 1936
Photo: April 1946