Goldilocks & the Three Bears -- By Jo&D.Kydz
Dec 1, 2010Public
Photo: Our budget didn't stretch to a full set of fridge magnets . . .
Photo: Once upon a time, there were three bears, a Papa Bear, a Mama Bear, and a Baby Bear.
Photo: One morning, their breakfast porridge was too hot to eat--
Photo: So they decided to go for a walk in the snowy woods, to allow it to cool.
Photo: While they were away . . .
Photo: A little girl named Goldilocks came by. She was taking a stroll in the woods, hoping to find someone to whom she could show off her new red shoes.  Her search for admirers had taken her deep into the woods, and now she was hungry and tired. She knocked on the door. When no one answered . .
Photo: . . . she decided to step inside and explore for herself.
Photo: "Hmmm," thought Goldilocks, "that porridge smells de-licious!" But when she tasted Papa Bear's big bowl, she discovered that it was--
Photo: As for Mama Bear's porridge, it was definitely --
Photo: She was just about to give up on porridge and investigate the biscuit tin when she noticed Baby Bear's bowl, and discovered that his porridge was just right.  In fact, it was so Deli[a Smith]-cious that--
Photo: she ate it all up.
Photo: After a good meal, she thought she'd like to settle down and read a book.  That's when she noticed three little chairs in the living room.   First she tried Papa Bear's chair.  It was to hard.
Photo: Mama Bear's chair was too soft.
Photo: Finally, she tired Baby Bear's chair.  It was just right, and so much fun to wheel about in that--
Photo: She accidentally upended it.
Photo: "I sure feel tired after all that sitting," thought Goldilocks.  "I wonder if there's somewhere to rest in this house."  Then, she remembered that her mother always told her that if a well behaved little girl is sneaking around a neighbour's house, she must always leave her shoes by the front door first.
Photo: Off went Goldilocks (barefoot).
Photo: And she soon discovered that Papa Bear's bed was (all together now) too hard, and Mama Bear's bed was too soft.
Photo: But Baby Bear's bed was so comfortable that she immediately fell fast asleep.
Photo: When the three bears came home, they soon realised that something was amiss.
Photo: growled Papa Bear.
Photo: "Somebody's been tasting my porridge!" agreed Mama Bear.
Photo: "Someone's been tasting my porridge," cried Baby Bear, "and she's eaten it all up!"