New Media class
Oct 30, 2008Public
Photo: 1. shoot 4 pictures of diff leaves.
2. draw the path in PS.
3. convert the path into Ai
4, mix the path
5. paint to watever u want.
Photo: eye observation training. suppose to draw exactly you see. and shap study too.
Photo: k, guess how I draw this.
Photo: paper toy was drawed in AI, with PATH! and dressed in PS.
Photo: guess which lens  i used for this shot?. i have : 70-200, 50mm,12-24mm.
Photo: my eyes hurt!
Photo: anything wrong in this image?
Photo: 31 layers.  for now
Photo: getting there
Photo: this is for the coming assigment. was shoot this last night for assignment, ended up with the next couple pictures.
Photo: done.