Vancouver-see you again
May 26, 2007Public
Photo: Saturday, May 19th, heading Vancouver.
Photo: Eric picked me up and we are in the aberden Mall, need to buy a sticker for my camera.
Photo: there was kind a flower show in the mall
Photo: the japaness store, everything is 2 bucks.
Photo: K, lunch time.
Photo: What Eric ordered. looks suc.
Photo: what i had, lookes good.
Photo: then we went to the Kart thing. this is the outside one. slow, so we went to different one.
Photo: Ok, this is totally different. fast, so fast.
Photo: pretty cool hah?
Photo: time to drive crazy!
Photo: well "pretected" now.
Photo: who is this?
Photo: Eric.
Photo: when we done, took a group picture. they are all Eric's coworkers. all crazy programmers.
Photo: then, Eric sugguested we go to Ikea for FOOD. yeah, only for FOOD.
Photo: then, we went to the asian public market.
Photo: Eric was preparing our dinner. superised me, the food wasn't bad at all.