070616 Men'sBreakfastInMineral
Aug 10, 2007Public
Photo: Allison Hunter & R.G. McIsaac discuss world events while waiting for the breakfast chow.
Photo: Pastor Mike Palmer gets rested up for the task of frying the pancakes and eggs.
Photo: Raymond shows the proper way to fry pancakes, after preparing the blueberry batter.
Photo: Clarence Hunter watches the cooks, knowing he is ready to demonstrate his skills of devouring food set before him.
Photo: While waiting, Clarence passes the time -- here's the church, here's the steeple . . .
Photo: When looking for the definition of cool, just snap a picture of Gerald Sewell.
Photo: R.M. McIsaac studies the history of The Monquart while waiting for the grub. He had been talking to people like Gerald, but found he wasn't learning anything. :)
Photo: Raymond Crabbe and Brent Demerchant have been up for a while now, and have things almost ready for the final cooking phase.
Photo: Pastor Mike does something he is good at -- watches others work. Doug Thomson gets his griddle ready, while Gerald keeps watch on the screen door.
Photo: Raymond Crabbe and Doug Thomson keep going with the pancakes and hashbrowns.
Photo: Pastor Mike is finally allowed to cook a few pancakes.
Photo: Murray McIsaac samples some of Pastor Mike's cuisine.
Photo: Time for the eggs, as delivered by Doug, as cooked by Pastor Mike.
Photo: Allison Hunter, Raymond Crabbe, R.G. McIsaac, Clarence Hunter compare stories.
Photo: . . . and then the place went silent . . . as the men take care of the food.
Photo: Raymond and Brent try to impress each other by seeing who can appear to be the most relaxed after the meal.
Photo: Aah, doughnuts . . . God's holy (holey?) food . . . says Murray.
Photo: Almost time to go, so Raymond demonstrates the use of a good back while getting help from . . . no one?
Photo: Our host, Brent Demerchant, takes a pleasurable pause, as he anticipates an even better part of the Saturday . . . after we all leave!
Photo: Clarence and Pastor Mike consider the meaning of life.
Photo: Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a camp . . . a men's breakfast . . . grunts and scratches and all that . . . what's up with thes flowers?
Photo: Some of the outdoor scenery with the needs of a camp -- mower, old 3-wheeler, new 4-wheeler.
Photo: Arriving at Ripple's Edge on the Monquart stream in Mineral, NB. Mineral -- you know, out back of Holmesville, which is out back of Bath, right? In northern Carleton County, we all know that place -- OBB (Out Back of Bath) -- a land of many acres/hectares, communities, and fine folk.