070826 SS & Church Picnic
Aug 26, 2007Public
Photo: Nicholas & Mitchell P.
Photo: Chris M., Nicholas & Mitchell P.
Photo: Arthur T.
Photo: R.G. M. & Bill K.
Photo: R.G. M. & Deane C.
Photo: R.G. M. & Deane C.
Photo: Betty P.
Photo: Betty P.
Photo: Bethany W., Lauren R., Riley P.
Photo: Ryan F.
Photo: Charles W., Dave & Maryann P.
Photo: Nanette W. (happy with some Tim's java)
Photo: Charles W. (happen when Nanette is happy with her Tim's java)
Photo: Charles & Nanette W.
Photo: Nanette W. shows us how it's done
Photo: Mariah W.
Photo: Mariah W.
Photo: Bethany W.
Photo: Brent D. & Caleb P.
Photo: Dave P. and Pastor Mike with "The Keg"
Photo: Mary T. and Dorothy K.
Photo: R.G. & Wanda M.; Sadie & Deane C.
Photo: Dorothy & Bill K