Mar 1, 2017Public
Photo: Pantai Cenang Beach - Langkawi
Photo: Poppa Gary at Pantai Cenang beach
Photo: The ubiqitious 'banana boat' ; usually too lotsa paragliders about
Photo: About to go a boat trip; eagle feeding etc
Photo: At 'Lake of Pregnant Maiden'; in 2009 I got leg blood-poisoning here (scars remain)
Photo: Bunch of jet-skiers arrive at Entrance pier for Lake of Pregnant Maiden (behind me)
Video: 2009 ! 2009 ! 2009 ! Today in 2017 I was told it was too hot on the surface for the 'Leetle Fishies'
Photo: Lake of Pregnant Maiden;  toe-sucking catfish away for the day (too hot at the surface)
Photo: Lake of Pregnant Maiden
Video: Eagles picking up chicken scraps
Photo: Start of Langkawi Cable car (to Sky Bridge)
Photo: From top of cable car ;Pantai Cenang beach in distance
Photo: Langkawi Sky Bridge
Photo: On the Sky Bridge
Photo: Top of Cable-car from Sky Bridge
Video: Video from Sky Bridge (v windy !)
Video: On the Sky Bridge
Video: With Zul and Jasmine at Tanjung Rhu beach (N Langkawi)
Video: At Temerun "waterfall" - disputed by Jasmine [ "Waterfall Conspiracy" proponent , Ha Ha]
Video: 2009! 2009! 2009! (Jasmine, R U there ? Ha Ha )