Apr 23, 2017Public
Photo: Pattaya  beach
Video: Pattaya beach; from "Charming Inn " hotel
Photo: The "Usual Suspects"
Photo: Pattaya; Dinner with Lloyd and hugely-expectant wife, Suzy (baby boy a week later !!)
Photo: No-one interested in a jog along the Pattaya beach (sigh)
Photo: Hoong emulating a Hermit crab under her shell-like Doona
Video: "You can only get my 'Fondle-Toy' by prising it from my Cold-Dead-Fingers.
Video: Koh Samet : Gasoline-fueled displays now cancelled because one tourista got his hair burnt off when sprayed by burning petrol.
Photo: Lunch-time on Koh Samet Beach
Photo: Hoong - "The Little Princess" , fakes interest in sea-side stroll ("Poppa - wheres my iPad !!")
Video: Koh Samet: Mark Furby, sometime UK  Snooker Ace speaks !
Video: Room at Malibu Garden Resort, Koh Samet
Photo: Neng and Hoong return to BKK; in a few hours I fly back to OZ