Visibility Examples
Jan 28, 2008Public
Photo: Low beams, 150 feet. Firefighter with no reflective gear cannot be seen next to stop sign. This is the stopping distance for a vehicle on dry pavement at a speed of approximately 45 MPH
Photo: 150 feet, low beams.  Wearing reflective vest.
Photo: 150 feet high beams with reflective coat
Photo: Firefighter barely visible in the glare of the lights of the apparatus. Even with just headlights on, a firefighter may be not be visible to oncoming vehicles.
Photo: Firefighter with NO traffic control gear on alongside apparatus
Photo: Firefighter standing in front of apparatus with lightbar on is obscured to oncoming vehicles.
Photo: Firefighter wearing traffic control reflective gear with ALL lighting on apparatus turned on causing glare for oncoming vehicle
Photo: Firefighter standing alongside apparatus with scene lighting turned on side of truck.