Environmental Education
Aug 15, 2013Public
Photo: Stream Ecology
Photo: Shorties in the House!
Photo: Pontooning on the River
Photo: Holding the Turtle
Photo: Turtle Up Close and Personal
Photo: View of the Potomoc River with Mt. Vernon in the Background
Photo: Mt. Vernon Across the River
Photo: Testing the Water Quality
Photo: There's a Fungus Among Us!
Photo: Check Out the Wings
Photo: Piles of Trash for Recycling
Photo: Working Together
Photo: Making Compost in a Bag
Photo: Bird Watching
Photo: At the Waste Management Plant
Photo: That's a Lot of Waste!
Photo: Cleaning Up the Waste
Photo: Waste Cleaned up and Ready to Flow Back to the River
Photo: Can I Really Scare the Birds?
Photo: At the Garden
Photo: Making Comparisons
Photo: Me, Shenine, and Brian
The TEAM!!!!
Photo: Check Out the Bass