Northern Frontiers
Sep 10, 2014Public
Photo: Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Phitsanulok
Photo: Phra Phutta Chinnarat – one of Thailand's most revered Buddha images, in Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat
Photo: Buddha hands
Photo: a row of meditative Buddhas in Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat
Photo: a display of a traditional Thai kitchen in Sgt. Thawee's Folk Museum, Phitsanulok
Photo: a collection of antique coconut graters in Sgt. Thawee's Folk Museum
Photo: crispy-fried snakehead fish with hot-and-sour seasonings and aromatic herbs, at a Phitsanulok riverside restaurant
Photo: stir-fried chayote greens with shrimp and oyster sauce
Photo: crisp-fried lemon-grass fish at a restaurant in Uttaradit enroute to Phrae
Photo: a cook at the Uttaradit restaurant prepares dumplings to order
Photo: a very feminine, gigantic reclining Buddha downhill from Wat Sutone in the Long district of Phrae province
Photo: Enormous mythical "singh" lions flank the reclining Buddha.
Photo: inside the main compound of Wat Sutone
Photo: one of an overwhelming number of sculptures of celestial beings, deities and more in Wat Sutone
Photo: the scene of Buddha's enlightenment with Earth Mother Goddess as the witness, above a doorway in Wat Sutone
Photo: inside the main chapel of Wat Sutone
Photo: hot-and-sour water mimosa salad with seafood in a Phrae restaurant
Photo: fried fish "miang"
Photo: the sacred chedi housing a Buddha relic at Wat Phra That Chaw Hae, dedicated to people born in the year of the tiger, in Phrae
Photo: Buddha protected by the seven-hooded naga in a chapel of Wat Phra That Chaw Hae, Phrae
Photo: mural painting behind the Buddha
Photo: mural painting in a chapel of Wat Phra That Chaw Hae
Photo: gigantic standing Buddha next to the chedi at Wat Phra That Jom Jaeng, Phrae
Photo: Wongburi House Museum – a beautiful teakwood mansion once the residence of Phrae nobility