2011 Hmong New Year (Trip B)
Mar 11, 2011Public
Photo: an offering of a whole chicken to the wall spirits in Yeng's home
Photo: altar to the ancestral spirits in Yeng's home
Photo: my grand god-nephew and his younger cousin
Photo: the popular Hmong pose
Photo: shaman and helpers preparing to perform the welcome ceremony
Photo: shaman finishes tying cotton string cord on Melanie's wrist
Photo: Jack gets his wrist tied while shaman chants New Year wishes
Photo: Jenifer's turn
Photo: Mark's turn
Photo: Johnette's turn
Photo: Johnette about to down the shot of home-made lychee liquor
Photo: Fred gets tied
Photo: then it's time to eat the free-range chicken soup with Hmong herbs
Photo: Melanie being dressed as a Hmong
Photo: dressing the girls
Photo: Jenifer looking beautiful
Photo: admiring each other's Hmong outfits
Photo: Jenifer is ready to party!