7/11 Adv Inten B – 1
Aug 2, 2011Public
Photo: marinating chicken for the Muslim yellow rice
Photo: thoroughly coating the chicken pieces with the spice mixture
Photo: old-crop rice rinsed and drained until surface is dry before cooking
Photo: pounded red peppers and garlic for the sweet and sour sauce
Photo: frying shallots in butter and peanut oil
Photo: pounded red peppers for adding to the rice
Photo: soaking Asian saffron (safflower) in warm water
Photo: browning the marinated chicken pieces in the butter and oil remaining from frying shallots
Photo: cooking the rice and chicken over low heat with the lid tightly held down
Photo: making the cabbage and carrot salad for the yellow chicken rice
Photo: Sherry tossing the salad
Photo: sweet-and-sour chilli sauce and other accompaniments
Photo: stirring the fried shallots into the rice
Photo: Thai Muslim yellow rice with chicken and roasted spices (kao moek gkai)
Photo: cut-up salted crabs
Photo: cooking the salted crabs in the coconut cream sauce
Photo: white turmeric and banana blossom among other vegetables for the salted crab dip
Photo: vegetable platter for the salted crab dip
Photo: Donna putting finishing touches on the crab dip
Photo: salted crab coconut cream sauce with accompanying vegetables
Photo: frying cashews over low heat
Photo: fried cashews
Photo: dried cuttlefish torn into small pieces
Photo: frying the dried cuttlefish pieces