7/12 Beginning Intensive
Aug 2, 2012Public
Photo: Mini preparing herbs for the green curry
Photo: Leslie and Mini doing a coconut milk tasting
Photo: prep time for all the different dishes
Photo: Kasma shows how to safely drop shrimp into the hot oil by pulling the bowl across and close to the surface of the oil so that the shrimp do not clump up in one spot
Photo: crisp-fried garlic-peppered shrimp
Photo: miang kum ready to be served
Photo: each one filling a leaf with the various tidbits and sauce
Photo: a sample miang kum mouthful
Photo: James ready to pop his first bite of miang kum into his mouth
Photo: fried garlic-peppered pork drained from oil
Photo: crisp-fried garlic-peppered pork
Photo: massaman curry cooking on the stove
Photo: hot-and-sour calamari salad
Photo: stir-fried broccoli with Thai oyster sauce
Photo: poached salmon in green curry sauce
Photo: easy massaman chicken curry
Photo: tasting and making adjustments to the broth for hot-and-sour soup
Photo: hot-and-sour prawn soup
Photo: frying spicy shrimp cakes
Photo: dropping the spiced shrimp mixture in small patties into the hot oil
Photo: spicy fried shrimp cakes with crisped holy basil
Photo: the sweet-and-sour cucumber relish for the shrimp cakes
Photo: making banana leaf cups for the fish mousse
Photo: filling the banana leaf cups with the curried fish mixture