Adv H 10/09 – 1
Oct 9, 2009Public
Photo: fresh shitake and royal trumpet (eryngii) mushrooms for making grilled mushroom and jicama salad
Photo: bowl of oyster mushrooms for salad
Photo: jicama waiting to be julienned
Photo: peeling jicama
Photo: julienned jicama
Photo: Hong preparing jicama
Photo: John, Mark and Andy preparing ingredients
Photo: tearing mint leaes and cutting Thai chillies for mushroom and jicama salad
Photo: pounding Thai chillies
Photo: mushrooms, jicama and prepared herbs for salad
Photo: frying cashews over low heat
Photo: cashews slowly browning in oil
Photo: fried cashews draining
Photo: blanched shrimp
Photo: fried cashews, cooked shrimp and hot-and-sour dressing added to salad ingredients
Photo: grilling coconut-milk-dipped shitake and royal trumpet mushrooms over hot charcoal
Photo: ... adding coconut milk-dipped yellow wax peppers to the grill
Photo: Andy grilling mushrooms and peppers
Photo: Mark adding coconut-milk-dipped oyster mushrooms to the grill
Photo: more oyster mushrooms being added to the grill
Photo: turning peppers and mushrooms on the grill
Photo: grilled peppers cut in half
Photo: seeded peppers next to mushrooms being sliced
Photo: bowlful of sliced grilled mushrooms and yellow wax peppers