7/12 Adv Inten C – 2
Aug 27, 2012Public
Photo: Tuesday breakfast – day 2
Photo: Asian breakfast snack – banana bread
Photo: measuring good-quality shrimp paste onto a piece of banana leaf for the southern-style shrimp paste rice
Photo: Melissa preparing to wrap shrimp paste for roasting
Photo: roasting the shrimp paste wrapped in banana leaf until the outer layers char and burn
Photo: toasting dried shrimp
Photo: julienning sour green mango
Photo: julienned sour green mango
Photo: shrimp paste sauce (upper right corner) and other ingredients for the rice dish
Photo: warm cooked rice mixed with the roasted shrimp paste sauce
Photo: ingredients prpeared for the shrimp paste rice
Photo: shelling shrimp for the rice dish
Photo: slicing the broiled shrimp into small pieces
Photo: filling the rice in a small round bowl to invert onto a plate
Photo: inverting the filled bowl onto an individual serving plate
Photo: the flavored rice plated in round mounds on individual serving plates
Photo: sprinkling ground toasted dried shrimp on the rice
Photo: Mary and Melissa assembling the rice dish
Photo: topping with sliced garlic, shallots and tart diced orange
Photo: a plate of rice being assembled
Photo: finished plates of southern-style hot roasted shrimp paste rice with shredded egg, grilled shrimp, sour green mango and tart citrus
Photo: a plate or roasted shrimp paste rice ready to be eaten
Photo: close-up of a serving of spicy roasted shrimp paste rice
Photo: the class taking a break to enjoy the first course of the day