Thailand trips food sampling
Aug 10, 2008Public
Photo: spicy crisped catfish flakes with prik king seasonings and fried cashews (bplah doog foo pad prik king)
Photo: leaf-wrapped hot & sour mackeral salad with ginger, lime, chillies and toasted coconut (miang bplah too)
Photo: crisp-fried cha-om (an herb) topped with seafood sauce (yum cha-om gkrawb)
Photo: crisped-fried softshell crab with chillies and holy basil (bpoo nim pad gkrapao gkrawb)
Photo: hot & sour shrimp salad with mint and lemon grass (plah gkoong)
Photo: curried fish mousse steamed in kanom krok pan (haw moek kanom krok)
Photo: crispy fried duck with sweet plum and sesame sauce (bped ron)
Photo: hot & sour dry rice noodles with seafood dumplings (gkuay dtiow senlek loogchin dtom yum haeng)
Photo: salted crab coconut dip for vegetables (loen bpoo kem)
Photo: massamun beef tongue curry with roti fried bread (gkaeng massaman lin wua lae roh-dtee)
Photo: hot & sour roasted eggplant salad (yum makeua yao pao)
Photo: stir-fried cuttlefish with chillies and aromatic herbs (bplah meuk pad chah)
Photo: winged bean salad topped with crisped shallots (yum tua poo)
Photo: stir-fried pork and long beans with prik king chilli paste (pad prik king moo)
Photo: panaeng beef curry (panaeng neua)
Photo: spicy southern-style dry curry with chicken and vegetables (gkaeng kua gkai bpak dtai)
Photo: bitter melong and shrimp curry (gkaeng awm mara gkoong)
Photo: stir-fried crab with yellow curry and roasted chilli sauce (bpoo pad pong gkaree)
Photo: crispy fried fish topped with choo choo curry sauce (choo chee bplah gkapong tawd)
Photo: stewed duck soup noodles (gkuay dtiow bped)
Photo: pork satay with peanut sauce and cucumber relish (moo sa-dteh)
Photo: spicy sour curry with fried cha-om and shrimp (gkaeng som gkoong cha-om gkrawb)
Photo: Sukhothai-style hot & sour noodles with roast pork (gkuay dtiow borahn Sukhothai)
Photo: northern-style curry noodles with accompaniments (kao soi)