2013 Trip B - 2: Mae Hong Son to Bangkok
May 16, 2013Public
Photo: Long-tail boats on the Pai River in Mae Hong Son
Photo: Taking a boat ride on the Pai River to the border post
Photo: Etsuko taking pictures on the scenic ride
Photo: Jessica and David enjoying the ride
Photo: The Thai border post a quarter kilometer from Myanmar
Photo: Jessica heads up the embankment to the border post.
Photo: Jefferson crosses the Pai River on a swaying suspension bridge.
Photo: The rest of the group follows on the suspension bridge.
Photo: The long-neck Karen hilltribe village for tourists
Photo: Speeding along the Pai River on long-tail boats
Photo: Crispy fried crab and pork rolls with plum sauce, Khai Mook
Photo: Fried "sai oa" fish sausage, a delicious and spicy Khai Mook specialty
Photo: Hot-and-sour fern salad with shrimp and pork, Khai Mook
Photo: Panaeng chicken curry, Khai Mook
Photo: "Lamut" (sapodilla) fruit for dessert
Photo: Guide for the forest trek from Fern Resort
Photo: The hikers start out on their adventure with bamboo walking sticks to help negotiate their way along the rugged trail.
Photo: Meanwhile at the resort, Nowa and Den (Lydia), two long-time Karen hilltribe employees, relax and get their picture taken.
Photo: Two newer staff members join in the photo session.