Adv G 3/11– 1
Apr 2, 2011Public
Photo: pounding cooled cooked rice till pasty for making naem
Photo: Karen pounding rice
Photo: Lee pounding rice
Photo: pounded cooked rice
Photo: cooked pork skin
Photo: crushed green Thai chillies
Photo: kneading the ground pork with the pounded rice and shredded pork skin
Photo: ... till they are well combined and one sticky mass
Photo: kneaded pork is sticky and elastic
Photo: pounded garlic paste added
Photo: adding sea salt
Photo: adding the crushed green Thai chillies
Photo: dividing the well-kneaded and well-mixed pork mixture
Photo: rolling the pork mixture into fat sausages
Photo: Karen and Lee rolling the sausages in tight logs
Photo: wrapping with plastic wrap
Photo: tightly wrapped sausages in many layers of plastic wrap
Photo: naem sausage ready for curing to develop sour flavor
Photo: stuffing the wrapped sausages into a ziploc bag
Photo: crushing cut lemon grass and layering on the bottom of a pot with torn kaffir lime leaves
Photo: chicken half-breast pieces arranaged on top of lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and water for steaming
Photo: toasting dried red Thai chillies
Photo: chopping fresh galanga
Photo: Jean pounding the galanga with garlic and shallots