Adv C 10/11 – 4
Nov 3, 2011Public
Photo: snack of the evening: banana cake from New Saigon Market
Photo: chunks of pork belly and fat-laced pork shoulder coated with black soy sauce
Photo: chopping reconstituted large dried red chillies for the "hunglay" curry paste
Photo: Jefferson pounding the chilli paste
Photo: spooning the finished curry paste to mix with the pork chunks
Photo: pork belly and shoulder chunks marinating with the fresh-made "hunglay" curry paste
Photo: browning the marinated pork chunks in the wok
Photo: ... until the pieces are no longer raw and pink on the outside
Photo: Jason transferring the browned pork chunks to a pot for stewing
Photo: browned pork chunks added to hot water
Photo: adding crushed garlic cloves, shallots and slivered ginger after simmering for 45 minutes
Photo: unsalted roasted peanuts added at the same time
Photo: stirring the ingredients in with the pork
Photo: simmering for another 30 to 45 minutes
Photo: pork chunks are tender and well-seasoned
Photo: northern "hunglay" pork curry
Photo: pounded chilli paste, ground pork and beaten egg added to warm cooked rice
Photo: mixing the ingredients thoroughly to make the spicy rice mixture for the rice salad
Photo: thinly sliced "naem" sour pork sausage
Photo: ... placed on a tray to cook quickly in the toaster oven
Photo: Cathy preparing to cook the sour sausage
Photo: spicy rice mixture dropped in compressed lumps into hot oil to fry
Photo: a rounded compressed spoonful of rice ready to go into the oil
Photo: a crispy-fried rice ball