Adv C 6/09 – 3
Jun 22, 2009Public
Photo: taro
Photo: kabocha squash and taro
Photo: grated taro
Photo: grated taro mixed with salt, ginger and tapioca starch
Photo: cutting kabocha squash
Photo: Becky cutting kabocha
Photo: kabocha cut into thin sticks
Photo: mixing kabocha with spices
Photo: batter for pumpkin fritters
Photo: adding batter to kabocha pumpkin
Photo: kabocha mixed with spices and batter
Photo: pounded red peppers for sweet-and-sour sauce
Photo: adding cilantro and chopped peanuts to sauce
Photo: Becky dropping taro mixture into hot oil while Bill fries
Photo: taro fritters crisping in hot oil
Photo: frying taro fritters
Photo: Bill dropping taro mixture into oil while Becky fries
Photo: crunchy crisp-fried taro fritters
Photo: crispy taro fritters and sweet-and-sour sauce with chopped peanuts
Photo: dropping kabocha pumpkin mixture into hot oil
Photo: Jon and Marlon making pumpkin fritters
Photo: crisp-fried pumpkin fritter
Photo: pumpkin fritters draining on rack
Photo: spicy crisp-fried pumpkin fritter with sweet-and-sour sauce