Adv Int A 7/09 – Day 5
Aug 4, 2009Public
Photo: frying dried rice squares
Photo: Peggy frying rice squares 1
Photo: Peggy frying rice squares 2
Photo: rice squares puffed and browning
Photo: making coconut-peanut dip
Photo: coconut-peanut dip for rice squares
Photo: crispy rice crackers with savory  coconut-peanut dip
Photo: blanched shrimp and hard-boiled eggs for eggplant salad
Photo: prepared ingredients for eggplant salad
Photo: peeling roasted eggplants
Photo: peeling roasted fresno peppers
Photo: sprinkling dried shrimp over assembled eggplant salad
Photo: the eggplant salad team: Betty, Meredith and Mona
Photo: spooning hot and limy chilli sauce over salad
Photo: hot-and-sour mesquite-grilled eggplant salad with shrimp
Photo: close-up of eggplant salad
Photo: sausage casing soaking in water to remove all the salt
Photo: mixing pounded chilli paste with coarsely ground pork to make "sai oa" northern sausages
Photo: Mai kneading chilli paste in with ground pork
Photo: slipping sausage casing onto the neck of a sausage-stuffing funnel
Photo: Sue fitting the funnel with sausage casing
Photo: Alice stuffing sausage 1
Photo: Alice stuffing sausage 2
Photo: pushing sausage mixture through funnel into casing