Adv Int A 7/09 – Day 4
Aug 3, 2009Public
Photo: Thursday breakfast spread
Photo: Asian breakfast snacks: mochi stuffed with black sesame and peanuts and pandan layered tapioca cake
Photo: peeling a pineapple for "kanom jeen" noodles
Photo: Meredith peeling a pineapple
Photo: dicing pineapple
Photo: hot-and-sour chilli sauce
Photo: prepared ingredients for "kanom jeen" noodles
Photo: defrosted ground featherback fish
Photo: featherback fish dumplings in coconut sauce
Photo: topping round rice vermicelli noodles ("kanom jeen") with fish dumpling coconut sauce
Photo: Meredith pouring coconut sauce over noodles
Photo: sprinkling ground dried shrimp over noodles
Photo: ground dried shrimp sprinkled over noodles
Photo: ... followed by diced pineapple
Photo: ... followed by slivered ginger and sliced garlic
Photo: ... finished with hot-and-sour chilli sauce
Photo: spicy rice vermicelli salad with pineapple, ginger and coconut-lime sauce ('kanom jeen sao nahm")
Photo: a serving of pineapple noodles
Photo: packaging of mung bean (green bean) starch sheet (called "Shanghai" noodles)
Photo: green (mung) bean starch sheet ("Shanghai" noodles)
Photo: Shanghai noodle sheets soaking in water
Photo: softened, soaked Shanghai noodle sheets
Photo: Shanghai noodle sheet ready for cutting
Photo: Shanghai noodle sheet cut into rectangles