2012 Trip C – 1: Hua Hin to Nakhon ST
May 10, 2012Public
Photo: Amber buying dried shrimp at Hua Hin market
Photo: squid-cleaning operation at "Squidville" (Pranburi Marina)
Photo: laying out whole squid on a rack for drying
Photo: laying out cleaned squid for drying
Photo: racks of squid placed in the sun to dry
Photo: delicious "single sun" squid (dried in the sun one day and then fried) – best at Sunee at Pranburi Marina
Photo: hot-and-sour baby clam salad
Photo: very spicy hot-and-sour mixed seafood soup with straw mushrooms
Photo: very fresh salt-baked prawns at Sunee
Photo: three-flavored crisp-fried grouper with lots of garlic and chillies
Photo: Michael at "Bunville" (Thaplee village in Ranong)
Photo: Thaplee's famous pork bun
Photo: warming up more buns for us to eat
Photo: the pork dumplings are good too
Photo: Punyaban waterfall near Ranong
Photo: southern turmeric chicken soup at Jansom Thara
Photo: southern grilled beef salad
Photo: steamed baramundi with chilli-lime sauce
Photo: fishing boat returning to Kuraburi pier from its morning catch
Photo: masked or singular bannerfish, Ao Mae Yai, Mu Koh Surin Nat'l Marine Park
Photo: parrotfish
Photo: a pair of foxface rabbitfish