Adv Int B 8/09 – Day 3
Sep 12, 2009Public
Photo: ingredients colander for poached chicken rice ("kao man gkai")
Photo: close-up of fuzzy melon for soup to accompany chicken rice
Photo: 9-pound capon chicken
Photo: removing fat from capon
Photo: Alan working on capon
Photo: chopping garlic and ginger to make sauce for "kao man gkai"
Photo: chopping chillies for sauce
Photo: chopped chillies, ginger and garlic for sauce
Photo: pounding sauce ingredients
Photo: spicy fermented soybean chilli sauce with ginger for"kao man gkai" chicken rice
Photo: rendering chicken fat
Photo: removing cooked capon from broth
Photo: steamy cooked capon
Photo: rice fried in chicken fat with garlic ready for steaming
Photo: ... salted broth added to rice on steamer rack
Photo: Sue cutting capon
Photo: boning and slicing capon
Photo: sliced capon chicken
Photo: plates of "kao man gkai" chicken rice
Photo: melon soup to accompany "kao man gkai"
Photo: stir-frying ground pork with garlic-pepper-cilantro root paste
Photo: ... chopped sweet radish added
Photo: ... adding fish sauce
Photo: finished filling for stuffed tapioca balls