2012 Trip C – 3: Tarutao to Bangkok
May 11, 2012Public
Photo: dendronephthya soft coral by Koh Chabang, Tarutao Marine National Park
Photo: dendronephthya soft coral
Photo: dendronephthya soft coral and orange tube coral
Photo: black feather star on dendronephthya soft coral
Photo: lined skunk anemonefish in magnificent sea anemone, Koh Yang
Photo: a school of dusky dottybacks and a red Christmas tree worm
Photo: giant clam, dusky dottybacks and green chromis
Photo: Christmas tree worms and green chromis
Photo: moon wrasses
Photo: jellyfish
Photo: anchovies
Photo: school of anchovies
Photo: school of anchovies
Photo: soft feather star on hard purple coral
Photo: Christmas tree worms in assorted colors
Photo: false clown anemonefish
Photo: soft tentacle coral, Koh Adang
Photo: bright neon blue damselfish on brain coral
Photo: bubble coral
Photo: giant clams and mushroom coral
Photo: giant clam on bubble coral
Photo: spiny lobster
Photo: giant moray eel