8/11 Adv Inten D – 5
Sep 5, 2011Public
Photo: sunflowers and dahlias from the farmer's market, compliments of Armin
Photo: home-made nitrate- and preservative-free "naem" sour sausage made on Monday
Photo: "naem" sour sausage cured for one full week for the fried rice
Photo: chopping "naem" for the fried rice
Photo: prepared "naem" for the fried rice
Photo: adding sliced onion to the garlic in the oil
Photo: adding the "naem" sour sausage
Photo: stir-frying "naem" with the onion and garlic
Photo: adding cold leftover cooked rice
Photo: stir-frying the rice with the sour sausage and other ingredients in the wok
Photo: cracking in the eggs with rice pushed up the side of the wok
Photo: scrambling the eggs and cooking until they're set
Photo: tossing the eggs in with the rice
Photo: "naem" sour sausage fried rice ("kao pad naem")
Photo: serving the fried rice
Photo: individually plated sour sausage fried rice with accompaniments
Photo: close-up of a plate of "naem" sour sausage fried rice
Photo: cutting lemon grass for the lemon grass pork
Photo: pounding the lemon grass
Photo: Amber ppounding lemon grass
Photo: adding sugar to the pounded paste of lemon grass, garlic, cilantro roots and white peppercorns
Photo: adding oyster sauce
Photo: adding Chinese cooking rice wine