Snorkeling Thailand 2010-1
Feb 22, 2011Public
Photo: Koh Surin National Marine Park
Photo: a school of yellowback fusiliers
Photo: a huge school of drummers
Photo: giant triggerfish
Photo: smooth flutemouth
Photo: redtail parrotfish
Photo: lavender blue coral
Photo: juvenile black snapper
Photo: a school of parrotfish feeding among the corals
Photo: a large school of male and female dusky parrotfish swimming around the reef
Photo: dusky parrotfish feeding
Photo: juvenile big-eye emperor
Photo: polkadot cod and emperor angelfish
Photo: lined bristletooth and dusky dottybacks
Photo: red female swarthy parrotfish being cleaned by a blue-streaked cleaner wrasse
Photo: lined triggerfish
Photo: dusky dottybacks and the reef
Photo: a golden coral
Photo: six-barred wrasse
Photo: checkerboard wrasse
Photo: a pair of lattice butterflyfish
Photo: close-up of a lattice butterflyfish
Photo: a juvenile male parrotfish leading a school of juvenile female parrotfish
Photo: scorpionfish changing position