Adv Int A 7/09 – Day 2
Aug 1, 2009Public
Photo: cassava cake – Asian snack for breakfast
Photo: frying quail eggs in "kanom krok" (Ebelskiver) pan for breakfast
Photo: Tuesday breakfast spread
Photo: slicing sourdough baguette for shrimp toast
Photo: Mai slicing baguette
Photo: sliced baguette dried in oven
Photo: ingredient colander for shrimp toast
Photo: sliced Armenian cucumber
Photo: Meredith, the pouty pounder
Photo: pounded paste of garlic, cilantro roots and white peppercorns
Photo: chopped red chilli pepper for plum sauce
Photo: shrimp toast team: Mai, Jim and Meredith
Photo: pitting pickled plums
Photo: ground shrimp and crab mixture
Photo: Jim and Mai spreading shrimp mixture on baguette slices
Photo: baguette slices being mounded with shrimp mixture
Photo: baguette slices mounded with shrimp mixture
Photo: Jim, Mai and Meredith finish spreading shrimp mixture on baguette slices
Photo: Jim sprinkling sesame seeds on shrimp topping
Photo: baguette slices topped with shrimp/crab paste and sesame seeds ready for frying
Photo: dropping baguette slices shrimp-side down in medium hot oil
Photo: Jim and Mai frying shrimp toast
Photo: shrimp toast frying
Photo: fried shrimp toast draining on rack