Inter. 6/09 – 4
Jul 3, 2009Public
Photo: marinade for grilled chicken
Photo: chicken pieces rubbed with marinade
Photo: pounding softened soaked dried red chillies to make dipping sauce for grilled chicken
Photo: sweet-and-sour chilli dipping sauce for grilled chicken
Photo: Judy pounding ingredients to make marinade for satay while Jeanne looks on
Photo: pounding herbs for satay marinade
Photo: adding coconut milk
Photo: mixing coconut milk in with herb and spice mixture
Photo: Judy making satay marinade
Photo: close-up of satay marinade in the making
Photo: finished satay marinade
Photo: sliced pork pounded with a textured mallet for satay
Photo: pork marinating
Photo: chicken pieces marinating
Photo: skewered marinated pork pieces
Photo: skewered marinated chicken pieces
Photo: pounding spices and herbs for satay sauce
Photo: Ebru taking a break from pounding
Photo: satay peanut sauce simmering
Photo: charcoal-grilled pork satay
Photo: charcoal-grilled chicken satay
Photo: green papaya
Photo: peeled green papaya
Photo: julienned green papaya