7/12 Adv Inten C – 5
Aug 30, 2012Public
Photo: prep time for all the different teams
Photo: prepared lemon grass, galanga and turmeric for the turmeric soup
Photo: crushed whole Thai chillies for the soup
Photo: quails for the turmeric soup
Photo: Diane cutting quails into quarters
Photo: quails ready for cooking
Photo: turmeric and other herbs simmering to infuse the broth for the soup
Photo: quails added
Photo: crushed chillies added
Photo: serving the soup
Photo: southern-style turmeric soup with quail
Photo: photo op before serving
Photo: close-up of southern-style turmeric quail soup
Photo: roast duck from Chinatown for making the crisped duck and lemon grass salad
Photo: pulling the duck meat off the bones, then shredding
Photo: finely slivered roast duck skin
Photo: sliced shallots, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves for the duck salad
Photo: frying cashews over low heat
Photo: ... so that they brown slowly to a crunchy crispiness
Photo: frying dried red Thai chillies
Photo: draining the fried dried red Thai chillies
Photo: scooping the crisp-fried slivered duck skin from the oil
Photo: draining the crispy fried roast duck skin
Photo: dropping the finely shredded duck meat into the oil to fry