Adv A 5/08, Class 4
Jun 1, 2008Public
Photo: party snack tray
Photo: prepping ingredients
Photo: Phoebe making batter for crepes
Photo: making crepe filling
Photo: crepe filling colored with turmeric
Photo: Mmmm, yummy filling!
Photo: cucumber relish for crepes
Photo: first crepe's ready
Photo: filling spread on crepe
Photo: crepe folded over filling
Photo: second crepe crisping
Photo: 1/4 cup stuffing per crepe
Photo: finished crispy stuffed crepe with cucumber relish
Photo: batter for crepe
Photo: ladling batter
Photo: spreading thin layer over hot pan
Photo: Phoebe and Bill making crepes
Photo: fresh bamboo shoots
Photo: peeling bamboo shoot 1
Photo: peeling bamboo shoot 2
Photo: slicing bamboo shoot
Photo: sliced bamboo shoot
Photo: dried chillies soaking
Photo: fresh baby corn