7/11 Adv Inten B – 2
Aug 3, 2011Public
Photo: preparing ingredients for the black olive fried rice
Photo: pitted salted black olives, julienned green mango and cut-up Thai chillies
Photo: making egg crepes for the fried rice
Photo: egg crepes
Photo: shredded egg crepes, julienned sour green mango and Thai chillies
Photo: fresh-fried cashews
Photo: frying dried shrimp
Photo: frying fresh shrimp in hot oil
Photo: stir-frying ground pork with garlic
Photo: adding mashed salted black olives
Photo: stir-frying ground pork with salted black olives
Photo: cold leftover rice added
Photo: plating the salted black olive fried rice
Photo: arranging accompaniments by the mounded fried rice
Photo: a plate of salted black olive fried rice with accompaniments
Photo: grating kabocha pumpkin
Photo: David grating the kabocha
Photo: grated kabocha squash
Photo: Pam pounding ginger for the taro fritters
Photo: Pam grating taro
Photo: mixing grated taro with pounded ginger, salt and tapioca starch
Photo: reducing sugar, vinegar and salt to a light syrup
Photo: pounded red peppers added to make the sweet-and-sour sauce for the fritters
Photo: taro mixture ready for frying