2010 North Thai Trip B: Part 1
Apr 16, 2010Public
Photo: kanom krok vendor, Thonglor market, Bangkok
Photo: pork on sticks cooking over hot charcoal on a home-made grill, Thonglor market
Photo: giants guarding a gate, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)
Photo: old stone Buddha on a pedestal, Wat Phra Kaew
Photo: mythical half-bird, half-human kinnaree, Wat Phra Kaew
Photo: bees getting nectar from a water lily, Wat Phra Kaew
Photo: Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok
Photo: mural painting of Hanuman, Wat Phra Kaew
Photo: throng of worshippers outside the chapel of the Emerald Buddha
Photo: marigold garlands hung by worshippers, Wat Phra Kaew
Photo: young woman praying with lotus bud and incense sticks
Photo: northeastern-style hot-and-sour cuttlefish salad with toasted rice, Yok Yor
Photo: choo chee curry with sheatfish, Ton Kreuang
Photo: fried duck, Ton Kreuang
Photo: monks with alms bowl outside a shop in the alley in Chinatown
Photo: different grades of dried shrimp, Chinatown's alley market, Bangkok
Photo: roasting chestnuts, Chinatown, Bangkok
Photo: Barbara, Lloyd and Deborah having a dim sum breakfast, Chinatown
Photo: the solid gold Buddha, Wat Traimitr, Bangjok
Photo: worshipper offering flowers and golden robes, Wat Traimitr
Photo: worshippers praying and offering garlands of marigolds and golden robes, Wat Traimitr
Photo: monk collecting offerings from worshippers
Photo: marigold garlands and a woman offering golden robes in front of the gold Buddha
Photo: Hindu deity on the grounds of Wat Traimitr