Adv G 4/11 – 4
Apr 23, 2011Public
Photo: fruits and other ingredients for hot fruit salad
Photo: cutting up the fruits
Photo: cutting watermelon
Photo: cutting mango
Photo: cutting long beans
Photo: julienning carrot
Photo: pounding the garlic and Thai chillies till pasty
Photo: Mike pounding
Photo: dried shrimp added
Photo: long beans, carrot, palm sugar, lime juice and fish sauce added
Photo: pouring the hot-and-sour mixture on the mixed fruits
Photo: Jon tossing the salad
Photo: northern-style hot-and-sour mixed fruit salad
Photo: boning the pork steaks
Photo: ground dried spice mixture for pork marinade
Photo: pork steak pieces marinating
Photo: Marlon breading the marinated pork pieces
Photo: breaded pork pieces ready for frying
Photo: dropping the breaded pork pieces into hot oil
Photo: Marlon breads while Jack fries
Photo: Jack ready to drop a piece of breaded pork into the oil
Photo: the pork pieces are browning
Photo: browned and crisped pork pieces drained from oil