Adv H 5/11 - 4
Jun 8, 2011Public
Photo: cutting lemon grass for the soup
Photo: preparing ingredients for the soup
Photo: Gina juicing limes
Photo: toasting dried red Thai chillies
Photo: herbs and ground toasted chillies added to the soup
Photo: a bowl of northeastern-style hot-and-sour baby pork rib soup
Photo: removing "dtam leung" ivy gourd leaves from the tough stems
Photo: Michael helping out!
Photo: Chinese sausages
Photo: slicing the Chinese sausages into tiny pieces
Photo: Louise slicing sausages
Photo: pounded chopped Thai chillies
Photo: adding the Thai chilli paste to the coconut-lime sauce
Photo: shredding carrot
Photo: squeezing the blanched ivy gourd leaves dry into a compressed ball
Photo: cutting the compressed ball
Photo: Jean chopping the ivy gourd leaves
Photo: frying the sliced Chinese sausages
Photo: chopping unsalted roasted peanuts
Photo: prepared ingredients for the wilted greens salad
Photo: Jean and Louise with the salad ingredients they've prepared
Photo: tossing the salad ingredients