2013 Trip C – 1: Bangkok to Nakhon ST
Jun 25, 2013Public
Photo: a food vendor at Or Tor Kor, one of the world's top 10 fresh markets, Bangkok
Photo: vendor grilling "moo bping" – marinated pork on skewers – over hot charcoal at Or Tor Kor
Photo: grilled cuttlefish and squid, Or Tor Kor
Photo: stuffed crab shells ('bpoo jah"), Or Tor Kor
Photo: one of many ready-made dishes at Or Tor Kor– stir-fried clams with roasted chilli sauce ("hoi lai pad prik pow")
Photo: two varieties of "chompoo" (rose apples) next to dragon fruit on the far left
Photo: sheat fish in the fresh seafood section of Or Tor Kor
Photo: This woman makes beautiful fresh flower garlands at Or Tor Kor.
Photo: Jane tasting a sour sausage at Or Tor Kor
Photo: fried snakehead fish topped with hot-and-sour seasoned herbs and toasted rice ("laab pla chon") at Ton Kreuang in Bangkok
Photo: green curry with chicken and young coconut, Toh Plue at Chatuchak weekend bazaar
Photo: fried fish with hot-and-sour green mango salad, Toh Plue at Chatuchak weekend bazaar
Photo: spicy fried fish cakes with sweet-and-sour cucumber relish
Photo: Jane cooling off with coconut sorbet from a vendor at Chatuchak
Photo: the coconut ice cream served on the half-shell with cooked pumpkin and pandan-flavored sticky rice
Photo: An ethnic Phu Thai weaver from the northeastern village of Ban Poen in Kalasin province demonstrates the weaving of the exquisite Praewa silk unique to her village at JJ Mall next to Chatuchak.
Photo: She proudly showed off an extraordinary piece she wove which Michael and I purchased.
Photo: Another Phu Thai woman in traditional dress spins silk threads at the demonstration in JJ Mall.
Photo: salted crab coconut dip ("loen bpoo kem") at My Choice, Bangkok
Photo: hot-and-sour charcoal-roasted eggplant salad, one of Michael's favorite dishes at My Choice
Photo: My Choice's delicious winged bean salad topped with plenty of crisp-fried shallots
Photo: spicy stir-fried squid with chillies and aromatic herbs ("pad chah pla meuk"), My Choice
Photo: charcoal-grilled lemon grass pork with hot-and-sour roasted chilli dipping sauce ("moo yahng takrai"), My Choice
Photo: non-dairy coconut ice cream with basil seeds, My Choice