Adv E 4/09 – 1
May 17, 2009Public
Photo: young coconut for coconut sorbet
Photo: John chopping open a young coconut
Photo: young coconut meat for coconut sorbet
Photo: cutting corn kernals off the cob
Photo: reducing sauce for corn fritters
Photo: mixing corn with chilli paste and kaffir lime leaves
Photo: dropping spicy corn mixture into hot oil
Photo: frying spicy corn fritters
Photo: crisp-fried corn fritters cooling on rack
Photo: crispy fried spicy corn fritters with sweet-and-sour sauce
Photo: pounding chilli paste for yellow curry
Photo: cracked cardamoms, cinnamon sticks and cloves for yellow curry
Photo: frying yellow curry paste in coconut cream
Photo: cooking eggplant in yellow curry sauce
Photo: one large fresh tilapia!
Photo: second fresh tilapia
Photo: tilapia gutted but with scales left on
Photo: close-up of very fresh. clear-bulgy-eyed tilapia
Photo: stuffing tilapia with crushed herbs
Photo: Amber and Ian stuffing tilapia
Photo: salt-covered stuffed tilapia on charcoal grill
Photo: charcoal-grilled, salt-encrusted, herb-stuffed tilapia
Photo: serving salt-encrusted tilapia
Photo: charcoal-grilled marinated pork lahb and accompaniments