2016 Trip C (s) Part 2: Surat Thani to Krabi/Bkk
Mar 17, 2016Public
Photo: a juvenile pigtail macaque at the Kadaejae Monkey Training School in Surat Thani province, where monkeys are trained to pick coconuts
Photo: A mature pigtail macaque greets visitors at the Monkey Training School.
Photo: Tracey holding a coconut for the monkey to spin and kick off.
Photo: Leslie takes her turn.
Photo: Marty's next.
Photo: Maya tries it out as well.
Photo: Justin holds the coconut high.
Photo: Monkey climbs post to pick the coconut hanging from it.
Photo: Coconut is kicked by the monkey's hind legs off the post.
Photo: Monkey easily climbs a tall coconut tree and looks for a ripe coconut to pick.
Photo: monkey push-ups
Photo: demonstration of how coconut plantation workers dehusk coconuts
Photo: cracking a coconut with the blunt edge of a cleaver (just like I show students how to do in class)
Photo: The coconut is cracked in two clean halves and the water inside is a good thirst quencher.
Photo: grating a coconut with a mechanized spiky round grater attached to a motor that spins it around at high speed
Photo: A little water is added to the grated coconut to wet it before milking.
Photo: milking the grated coconut by squeezing the milk through a colander into a bowl
Photo: grilled marinated pork ("moo bping") at the Sunday market in Nakhon Si Thammarat
Photo: a vendor selling "gkai gkaw lae" – a southern-style grilled chicken on skewers that has been marinated and basted with a sweet curry sauce – at Nakhon Sunday market
Photo: children playing with pigeons outside Wat Phra Mahathat, Nakhon ST
Photo: Buddha images line the gallery surrounding the temple. Here, a worshipper engages in the ritual of dropping coins into 108 monk's alms bowls – symbolic of donating sustenance to support the order of monks in the temple.
Photo: in the gallery that surrounds the temple's main chedi (stupa) in which Buddha relics are enshrined